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Ep. 015 - James Clark

James Clark is a former professional golfer (retired a few weeks after the recording of this episode) who played college golf at Georgia Tech. James won his first ever AJGA start and continued a stellar career which included Rolex Junior All-American honors and a runner-up finish at the National Big I Invitational. During college golf at Georgia Tech, James climbed as high as 112 in the Golfstat individual rankings and recorded a career high finish of 3rd at the Clemson Invitational. James played professional golf for three years and had multiple wins on the Rolling Red Tour. Currently, James lives in Atlanta, Georgia

When it comes to mental fortitude, James applies a framework that he learned from his college coach. Your confidence is like a bank account, and good shots are deposits while bad shots are deductions. Whatever you focus on, increases the amount of said deduction or deposit. So when you hit a good shot, you need to focus on it and congratulate yourself so that you can keep a positive balance in that bank account.

James focuses his practice on performance over technique. When focusing on technique, it is easy to forget that the goal of every shot is to get the best outcome - not to look the prettiest. This doesn't mean that you don't want technique; rather, it means that when practicing, especially short game, placing your attention on outcomes and having an external focus will yield better results.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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