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Ep. 044 - Jayson Nickol

After retiring from the military in 2013, Jayson Nickol rediscovered his love for the game of golf and improved from a 14 handicap to a 3 in less than a year. Around this time Jayson began studying golf instruction under PGA Tour coach Shauheen Nakhjavani, a top 75 rated coach in the world. Jayson offers both in person and online coaching and is currently the #2 rated coach on Skillest.

Jayson understands golf swing technique but also emphasizes the importance of developing skill. One of the ways he helps improves skills is through the use of Dr. Scholl’s foot spray. It can be sprayed on the face of the club to determine impact location, and it can be sprayed on the ground to determine where you’re making contact with the ground. Jayson especially encourages students to do that skill work right before tournaments.

Practicing with things like foot spray can seem silly and is different than how the average golfer practices. However, to be better than the average golfer, you need to practice differently. Jayson astutely pointed out – it’s better to look dumb on the driving range than on the golf course.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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