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Ep. 062 - Marty Jertson

Marty Jertson is the VP of Fitting and Performance at PING. Marty played golf at the Colorado School of Mines and developed into a solid player, but decided to pursue a job as an engineer at PING. At PING he worked on PING’s aerodynamic Turbulators (Jertson is named on 125+ patents), and was lead designer on the Ping G410 Plus driver which included movable weight technology without affecting MOI, and counter-balanced shafts were an idea they created. Marty is also a great player, and has played in 6 major championships. Marty has also co-founded the Stack System and Ballnamic.

One of the key strategies that Marty employs is the concept of “freedom of constraints”. He believes that having limited time and resources can actually be an advantage because it forces him to be more efficient with his practice and training. Instead of having endless hours to dedicate to golf, Marty has to make the most of the time he has available. This mindset has allowed him to maximize his productivity and focus on the areas of his game that need improvement.

Additionally, Marty emphasizes the importance of block practice indoors. He believes that 10 to 15 minutes a day is sufficient to make progress in golf. Marty specifically mentions indoor putting mat block practice to work on alignment and speed training. These short practice sessions allow him to maintain his skills and ensure that he doesn't lose progress even during the winter months when the days are shorter.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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