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Ep. 064 - Tony Ruggiero

Tony Ruggiero is a golf instructor (Golf Digest Top 50) and host of the “Tour Coach” podcast. Current and past students include Andy Ogletree, Ben Carr, Lucas Glover, and Smylie Kaufman among other players from the PGA Tour and below. Tony attributes his students’ successes to the development of a team approach with mental coaches, fitness and performance trainers, biomechanic experts, and other coaches.

While Tony has had the opportunity to work with professional golfers, he emphasizes that his motivation is not driven by money or fame. Instead, he believes in the importance of teaching and developing young people from the beginning stages of their golfing journey. He values the process of helping individuals progress from junior golf to competitive junior golf, college golf, and eventually professional golf. Tony's approach to teaching is rooted in a genuine love for the game and a desire to see his students succeed.

Tony emphasizes that ball striking is only half of becoming a great golfer. The other half is understanding how to play the game. He believes that the best players have a commitment to understanding what they need to do to hit their best shots and focus on the big picture rather than getting caught up in the details of their last shot or performance. They have a plan and stick to it regardless of previous results.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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