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Ep. 070 - Jacob Solomon

Jacob Solomon is a professional golfer who is on the Korn Ferry Tour. In 2022, Jacob got conditional status on the KFT through Q-School and made the most of his starts by reshuffling in and securing status for 2024. Prior to professional golf, Jacob played at Auburn where he played at a high level, including earning 2nd Team all SEC in 2019.

Jacob acknowledges that in college, he was immature and didn't fully understand the individuality of each shot. He would let his anger carry over from one shot to the next, which hindered his ability to recover from bad shots. It wasn't until later in his professional career that he started working with a mental coach to address these issues. Working with a mental coach allowed Jacob to recognize the importance of enjoying the process of hitting golf shots. He learned to take the emotion out of each shot and treat it as an individual math problem. By approaching each shot logically and focusing on the present moment, Jacob was able to improve his performance and handle the pressure of being in the final group of a tournament.

Jacob’s pre-shot routine is a testament to his growth in attitude and mindset. He has become one of the fastest players on the Korn Ferry Tour, indicating his decisiveness and ability to make quick decisions. He no longer deliberates for extended periods but instead relies on his experience and feel for the game. This shows his confidence and trust in his abilities, a stark contrast to his college days when his anger would cloud his judgment.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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