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Ep. 001 - Keenan Hickton

Keenan is the assistant coach at Emory, a DIII school in Atlanta, Georgia. Emory has a good golf program (23 NCAA Championship appearances with 10 top 10 finishes), as well as an extremely strong academic background. Keenan formerly played for Emory and is currently 9th on the school’s all-time scoring list. Keenan was not a highly recruited junior golfer, and only started playing high level golf late in high school.

One of the unique characteristics about Keenan is his consistent improvement. As a freshman, his scoring average was a 77.5 and it improved by about a stroke every year, finishing at 74.4. Now, as a mid-am, his handicap is +.8.

When you get better at golf consistently, you often shoot scores or get in positions with which you are not familiar. Regarding this, Keenan said that he from Bob Rotella that you have to prepare yourself before the round to be +6 thru 6, E thru 6, and -6 thru 6, and just allow the game to happen.

If he could go back and tell himself one thing to improve his golf game, it would be to hit the ball farther. With the emergence of strokes gained data showing this, he believes that hitting it far is one of the most important skills that a junior golfer can develop.

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