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Ep. 082 - VJ Trolio

VJ Trolio has been teaching and coaching the game of golf for over two decades. He coaches every part of the game to his clients; preferring to build the mindset and the athlete as the swing evolves. VJ also is the co-inventor of The Putting Arc.

During his redshirt year, VJ found himself spending excessive amounts of time on the driving range, hitting seven irons repetitively. This singular focus on practice caused him to lose touch with the way he played golf and ultimately led to his worst year in college. It was a valuable lesson for VJ, teaching him the importance of balance and the need to play the game rather than solely focusing on practice.

When becoming a coach, VJ realized that playing golf and coaching golf are two different skills that require different approaches. VJ emphasizes the significance of taking in information, finding a target, and executing shots, as these are essential elements of the game that can often be overlooked during practice sessions on the driving range. He highlights the value of playing on the course, where these transitions occur naturally and frequently, forcing players to adapt and make decisions based on the current conditions.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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