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Ep. 079 - Stuart Morgan

Stuart Morgan is a golf instructor and a PhD candidate at the University of Limerick. Stuart was formerly the director of instruction at the International Junior Golf Academy. Stuart has worked with several top players, including a current Ryder Cupper.

While instructing, Stuart became disillusioned with the traditional approach to golf instruction, particularly when it came to trying to change players' techniques mechanically. He observed that despite players being able to execute these changes on the driving range, they often struggled to implement them successfully on the golf course. This led Stuart to question the effectiveness of solely focusing on technique and sparked his interest in exploring alternative methods.

As a practice coach, Stuart's focus is on helping players optimize their practice time to achieve lower scores. He recognizes that improving golf performance goes beyond simply changing technique. Instead, it involves understanding how individuals learn and applying practice strategies that enhance their performance on the course. Stuart believes that this holistic approach to teaching golf can lead to more effective and sustainable improvements in players' game.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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