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Ep. 081 - Neal Shipley

Neal Shipley is a college golfer at Ohio State and runner-up in the 2023 US Am. Neal played his first three years of college golf at James Madison.

Neal's journey from James Madison University (JMU) to Ohio State University also showcases his ability to balance academics and golf effectively. As a junior golfer, Neal admits that he was not highly ranked and did not have many options when it came to college golf. However, he made a conscious decision to prioritize finding the right fit for himself academically and athletically. In order to effectively balance academics and golf, Neal relied on careful planning and time management. He would sit down at the beginning of each week and map out his schedule, taking into account upcoming projects and assignments.

Neal's ability to stay positive and maintain confidence in his game is evident throughout the summer. He acknowledges that finishing second in prestigious events like the Sunnehanna and Trans-Miss indicates that his game is in a great spot. He believes in learning from his mistakes and areas of improvement, but also in not dwelling on the negatives. Neal's resilience and positive mindset contribute to his continued success on the golf course.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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