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Ep. 002 - Daniel Booker

Daniel Booker is the Assistant Coach at Belmont University, a DI school in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a teaching instructor at Golf House Tennessee. Daniel formerly played for Belmont and was OVC Freshman of the Year in 2016. In his final year playing for Belmont, he had 3 Top 10/7 Top 20 finishes.

As a junior golfer, Daniel came from a small town and did not have the advantage of large schools nearby. However, he played many state junior tour events (Sneds Tour, winning 5/9 events in 2014), and earned spots in the USJGT Tournament of Champions and the Bubba.

Having bad rounds is part of the game, but it is important to remember that the point is to get better. As Daniel said, you can take those bad rounds, diagnose them, then make a specific plan to attack those weaknesses. Specifically, Daniel focuses on making sure that his players have a good plan to practice. Practice without focus is practicing to fail - players should be intentional with their practice.

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