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Ep. 005 - Leo Herrera

Leo Herrera is a professional golfer who played at University of Central Florida for the 2020 season. Prior to UCF, Leo was an elite amateur golfer who won the AJGA Jim Bell Memorial in 2017, won the AJGA BishopsGate Golf Academy Junior Championship in 2019, and won the USGA Four Ball with Kiko Coelho.

Before winning the AJGA Jim Bell Memorial, Leo said that he had been in the lead or near the lead during the final round in the previous two events. In both rounds, he felt the nerves and played poorly. He noticed that when he started playing poorly, he focused on the results and was hyper-attentive to how each shot affected his standings. On his way to winning the AJGA Jim Bell Memorial, he focused on his breathing and not reacting to any thoughts that passed into his mind.

As Leo improved from playing US Kids Golf events and Florida Junior Golf Tour events to AJGAs, he noticed a big difference in what it took to win. Specifically, he noticed that the green complexes were laid out such that he needed to play many of his shots towards the center of the green to avoid being short sided.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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