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Ep. 006 - Evan Davis

Evan Davis just finished playing college golf at Belmont, where he set the school scoring record multiple times (most recently 70.19). Evan also won the OVC Championship in 2020, as well as several other college tournaments. As a junior golfer, Evan played multiple sports until he decided to focus on golf. Evan plans to play professionally and will go to Q School in the fall.

Evan won his first tournament as a sophomore, and we asked him if it was everything he had hoped it would be. He said that after he won it, he realized that he had built it up in his head to be something that it was not. He thought it would be richly fulfilling, but he realized he was the same person before and after winning.

Evan also talks about his match against Davis Thompson in the North & South. At the time, Davis Thompson was the #1 amateur in the world. Evan was 3 holes up with 3 to go, and shifted his mentality to “just make par”. Through a combination of Davis birdies and Evan bogeys, Davis came back and won in the first hole of the playoff. After the round, Evan realized that he had been playing to “not lose”. He also described that round as the greatest learning experience he’s ever had.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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