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Ep. 008 - Laney Frye

Laney Frye is a junior at the University of Kentucky. As a junior golfer, she was ranked 87th overall in the Golfweek Junior Rankings and was ranked 24th in her class. As a freshman at UK she had a stroke average of 73.5 and had 2 Top 10s. As a sophomore, she had a stroke average of 72.1 and 4 Top 10s. During the summer of 2021, she made it to match play at the US Women’s Amateur and placed 2nd at the Sea Island Amateur. During this summer, she qualified for the US Women’s Open, played in the Shoprite LPGA Classic, was co-medalist of the stroke play for the US Women’s Amateur, and came in 2nd place in the Sea Island Amateur.

One of the phrases that Laney commented on was the saying “you win or you learn.” That’s a true phrase she said, but she also said that they often go very hand in hand. When she has won events, she has learned a lot, especially regarding what it takes to win.

Laney has found that dividing her range practice into 1/3s has really helped her game. The first 1/3 she focuses on technique and works on any move she needs. Next, she works on hitting different types of shots and being creative. Finally, she uses the last 1/3 to work on hitting shots with artificial pressure, so that she feels more comfortable when those pressure packed moments arrive.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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