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Ep. 009 - Will Knauth

Will Knauth just finished playing college golf at Carnegie Mellon, where he double majored in physics and math, and will be pursuing a Ph.D. at Columbia in statistics. As a college golfer, Will had a stroke average of 76.2 his freshman year, and improved to a stroke average of 71 his senior year, while becoming ranked the #1 D3 golfer by Golfstat. Additionally, Will won two tournaments as a senior and received the 2022 Byron Nelson award. On top of that, Will has developed several machine learning tools in order to analyze golf strategy better.

Will explains that math has helped him contextualize golf and keep a steady head on the golf course. He was introduced to Scott Fawcett and DECADE through a free seminar. Once he heard the message, the idea clicked. Golf is a game of dispersion. So you will “miss” shots, which means you can’t let one shot define your round. Sometimes dispersion just happens.

Another thing that Will added to his repertoire was standardizing his pre-round routine. He realized that he had been doing different things before each round and was expecting to be mentally prepared. By doing the same thing prior to the round, including adding meditation, he improved his tournament performance and was physically and mentally prepared for each round.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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