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Ep. 010 - Tim Stewart

Tim Stewart is a 37-year old Aussie professional golfer who has played on a variety of tours including the PGA Tour Latinoamérica, the Asian Tour, and the European Challenge Tour. Tim was a solid amateur player and went to college in Australia for hospitality management while continuing to play amateur events (Australia does not have the same college sports system as the US). When he was 21, Tim won the Australian Amateur, came in 2nd in the British Amateur, and placed in 2nd in a variety of top amateur events in a short span, after which he was the 4th ranked amateur in the world.

Tim has a devotion to making sure that he focuses on the purpose of what he is working on, and not any side effects. For example, when he plays a practice round, if he hits a bad shot he does not hit another shot to “feel better” about it. He recognizes that his job in a practice round is to learn the course, not perform, and that his shots during the practice round have no bearing on his tournament play. Similarly, if he hits bad shots during his range warm-up, he doesn’t worry because the purpose of hitting shots on the range is to warm his body up – not to hit perfect shots.

Tim also told us a great story about the time he qualified for the 2009 Open. He was playing in the Singapore qualifier and had put together a solid round, but had a rough finish and assumed he was out of it. He grabbed a taxi and was on the way back to his lodging when his friend called and asked where he was, then informed him that Tim was in a 9-for-1 playoff and needed to be back there immediately. Tim’s taxi turned around, drove back to the course and pulled up to the back of the tee, and Tim threw all of his luggage back onto the tee and played with no warm-up. He won the playoff on the 2nd hole and went on to play in the Open at Turnberry.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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