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Ep. 012 - Joe Muschong

Joe Muschong is a professional golfer who played college golf at Morehead State. Joe was on the fence about playing college golf, but a few last minute roster shifts convinced him to. Joe came in and qualified for their first tournament, and did not miss a tournament during his 5 years there. Joe capped off his time at Morehead State by winning the 2022 OVC Championship.

Prior to winning the OVC Championship, Joe had not won a college event, but he had a few close calls. Just before the OVC Championship, he had played in the Missouri Intercollegiate, had a strong lead, but gave it all back on the last round. Going into the final round of the OVC Championship, he had a lead, and started off his round 6-6-7. Because of his experience at the Missouri Intercollegiate, he stayed focused and just tried to put his team in a position to win. He didn’t pay attention to the leaderboard, and when the round finished he had won. His takeaway was that winning requires luck and happens when you least expect it.

In the summer of 2022, Joe won the Lexington City Championship. While not a premiere event, he shot 62 at Kearney Hills Golf Course (Pete Dye course) en route to winning. During that round, Joe said he did not think at all of winning, but only on making the correct decisions and letting the dispersion and variance play itself out.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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