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Ep. 013 - Daniel DeLuca

Daniel DeLuca is currently a golf instructor at The Governors Club Tennessee. Prior to becoming an instructor, Daniel played college golf and then had a college golf coaching career. Daniel played golf at Eastern Kentucky University from 2011-2015, and then became an assistant coach there from 2015-2017. From there, he coached at the following schools: Stephen F. Austin from 2017-2019 (asst. coach), Army from 2019-2021 (asst. coach), and Murray State from 2021-2022 (head coach).

While at Army, Daniel was really struck by the leadership and discipline of his players. Each one was 18-22 but was training to go out and lead people their age or older into battle. The seriousness of their future put golf into context, but at the same time he realized that they brough a very strong intensity to golf, as well as every other part of their life. Daniel said that he believes that level of discipline is a very useful tool to have.

Daniel’s teaching philosophy is simple – give the player what they need to be better (not what “looks good” or is in vogue). This means that when he’s working with an older player with limited mobility, he won’t try to get them “scoobie” but will instead focus on getting them to functional matchups. At the end of the day, his job is to put them in the best position to get the ball in the hole.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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