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Ep. 014 - Cory Kaufman

Cory Kaufman is a golf instructor at The Golf Academy at Persimmon Ridge. Cory has been teaching golf for 20+ years, but prior to that played golf in college and professionally. Cory played college at Bellarmine, where he was a solid player but not a star. After finishing college, he was burnt out and decided to focus on teaching. Three years after he got into teaching, he played in a few tournaments and shot a couple 62’s and 64’s, which led him to give professional golf a try. After playing professionally and having a few solid years on the eGolf Tour, he decided to return to teaching. Cory has a strong group of students, ranging from the junior level to PGA Tour players.

Cory has a unique perspective as a coach and former player, which has given him first-hand insight into pitfalls that players run into. Cory said that he does not care whether his students shoot 65 or 85, but rather that they (i) conduct themselves properly, and (ii) stay in their routine and follow their processes.

Cory also explained an interesting trick that he uses for his student’s putting, which he has worked on with Preston Combs. The goal is to develop a baseline stroke for a distance so that the student can recognize and adjust to different speeds on greens. First, the student finds a tempo they like for a 10-foot putt. Then they record that tempo and the distance that they take it back. When they go to a new course, they measure out 10 feet, do that drill, and see how far it rolls. After doing this, they are better able to gauge their speed, which Cory believes is the most crucial part of putting.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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