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Ep. 016 - Ryan Mouque

Ryan Mouque is a former top-tier rugby league player from New Zealand turned golf instructor. Ryan teaches several high-level professional players, but also works with players of all skill levels. Ryan currently teaches players in South East Queensland, Australia.

If you are not based in Australia, then you can still book a lesson with Ryan through Skillest here:

Ryan’s e-book can be bought on his website here:

When it comes to junior golf, it is easy for kids to be concerned with what their parents think of their performance. Ryan says that if your kid is looking back at you after a shot, then that is a problem, because it indicates that they are anticipating your judgment. To avoid this, instead of focusing on a kid’s performance, parents should make sure that their kids enjoy the car ride home.

In 2022, Ryan took a trip to the United States to help a student through Monday-Qs and to shadow top coaches. As part of that, Ryan shadowed Grand Field, Dana Dahlquist Tony Ruggiero (The Dew Sweeper), Preston Combs, Jeff Smith (Radar Golf Pro), Chris Mayson, Chris Como, Allen Terrell, and James Sieckmann. One of the biggest things that Ryan learned was how each coach gives a lesson and how to incorporate pieces of that into his lessons. Specifically, Ryan said he learned from James Sieckmann that once a player is comfortable with their swing change, it needs to be challenged with different lies and shots so that they focus more on it.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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