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Ep. 017 - Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll is a fitness instructor and creator of Fit For Golf. Mike played Gaelic football in college and studied Sports & Exercise Science at the University of Limerick from 2010-2014 and began working as a personal trainer in 2011. In 2014, Mike traveled to the UK and got his TPI level 1 certification, and shortly after this created Fit For Golf. In 2016, Mike saw a job posting for a golf trainer in Orange County, California and eventually took the leap and moved. During the pandemic, the Fit For Golf app gained lots of popularity and Mike was able to go full time into it. Today, Mike resides in Orange County, California and trains golfers ranging from beginners to PGA tour players. You can learn more about Mike and golf fitness at

When it comes to working with PGA Tour players, Mike said that the most important thing that he has learned is that they need to consistently workout. Many players don’t want to workout during tournament weeks or on a tournament day, but if they don’t, then when they workout on off-weeks their body will not adapt to the training as well and they will be sore and have it affect their practice. Instead, if they consistently train they will get used to it and it will not affect their tournament weeks or off-weeks.

In regards to teaching kids sports and weightlifting, Mike said that prior to puberty there is not a major benefit to lifting heavy weights or doing the core lifts. Instead, kids should be developing motor skills and coordination, as well as speed. He said they will get much more from learning to smash a baseball than from doing a squat or a bench press.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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