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Ep. 018 - Adam Charen

Adam Charen owns his own club fitting studio, Elite Fit Golf in Atlanta Georgia. Adam uses his studio to fit players of all skill levels, but works primarily with elite amateurs and professionals. In addition to this business, Adam also runs the popular YouTube account MOBILE CLUBMAKER GOLF.

When getting fit or evaluating your current setup, ensuring that the lie angles are correct is important. Specifically, the lie angle at impact is what matters (not setup). If the lie angle at impact is off, this will turn the clubface shut (if too upright) or open (if too flat). The lie angle will affect the performance of irons more than the driver.

The standard lie board approach is not sufficient for determining the lie angle at impact. An easy way to measure this is to put a vertical line on the golf club in sharpie, then hit the ball. If the line is vertical on the club, then the lie angle is good. If it is not, then you know your lie angle needs to be adjusted.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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