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Ep. 022 - Ben Waters

Ben Waters is a BTN Academy Nutrition coach and the owner of Strokes Gained Nutrition. During the 2021 Korn Ferry season, Ben quit his day job and caddied for his longtime friend, Harry Hall. During that season they won the Wichita Open. Currently, Ben lives in England and works as a CPA during the Korn Ferry offseason.

One of the interesting things Ben pointed out was regarding the consumption of protein. Many people talk about the “hour of power”, and state that you need to consume protein within the first hour after a workout in order to achieve maximal benefit. Ben said that the timing of protein in this regards is not material, but rather the more important thing to do is get enough daily protein and make sure you are getting more than 20 grams very 3-5 hours for maximal physical response.

Additionally, Ben discussed the importance of hydration. Water is important to get while on the golf course, but just as important are electrolytes. If you are eating on the golf course, you are likely getting enough electrolytes, but if it is a very hot, steamy day, adding some salt to your water should help replace any electrolytes you lose.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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