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Ep. 025 - Scott Fawcett

Scott Fawcett is a PGA Tour strategy coach who created DECADE golf, which is a systematic way to approach golf strategy. Scott played collegiately at Texas A&M for two years before getting sidelined by an injury. After college, Scott played professionally and had some success including a win on the Hooters Tour and playing in the US Open. While being sidelined with an injury, Scott spent lots of time researching golf strategy. Through this research he formulated DECADE Golf, a system now used by tons of players (including PGA Tour winners, USGA Champions, and NCAA All Americans) to find the optimal target during a round of golf.

When Scott first put the DECADE principles into play, he was caddying for Will Zalatoris at the Texas Am in 2014. They went on to win that tournament, and Scott went on to refine those concepts into DECADE. Scott is still friends with Will, and we asked him about his shot during the PGA Championship in 2022 off of the concrete, and whether he always had that poise. Scott said that level of poise was 100% learned. Specifically, he said that in 2014 Scott and Will worked on this during that tournament by remembering a passage from Josh Waitzkin’s book The Art of Learning that emphasized patience and being in the present.

Being in the present is part of mindfulness, which is something Tiger had in spades. Scott pointed out how everyone thought that Tiger was hypnotized before he played a round of golf, but the truth is that he was in a deep meditative state, something that likely developed because of his mother’s Buddhist background. Scott recommends the practice of meditation not only to improve golf, but to improve life.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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