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Ep. 027 - Jason Novetsky, Ph.D. aka “Dr. J”

Jason Novetsky, Ph.D. aka “Dr. J” is a Sport & Performance Psychology Coach and owner of Champion Mindset Group. Dr. J has a Ph.D. in Education, a Masters in School & Clinical Psychology and Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He worked as a School Psychologist for 25 years, has been a Sport & Performance Psychology Coach for over 12 years, travel and high school baseball coach for 9 years and was an All-Conference Division-1 pitcher at the University of Detroit.

One of the tools that Dr. J uses with his clients is building an identity statement. Essentially, a golfer should be able to have truths about themselves that they should consciously write out and believe. By taking conscious action to form an identity, this allows golfers to revert back to thinking about those truths whenever they are not performing the way they want.

Many non-practitioners try to encourage players to think positively whenever they are feeling negative. Dr. J’s perspective is that this is not necessarily a helpful practice. Thinking positively is better than thinking negatively, but positivity doesn’t help athletes execute; they need to have tasks that they can do to try to change the direction. In the case of golfers, Dr. J would say that this is what a routine accomplishes – if a golfer is thinking negatively, they need to focus on the shot at hand, and working through their routine helps them do this.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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