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Ep. 028 - Dr. George Tate

Dr. George Tate is a physical therapist who currently specializes with golfers. George played college golf at Southern Illinois Carbondale before getting his doctorate degree at Bellarmine University. Currently, George lives in Louisville, Kentucky and owns Golf Movement Systems which focuses on physical therapy and training for golfers.

Once of the most common injuries that George sees is back pain. The biggest mistake that people make when they have back pain, is that they rest. In some scenarios, rest might be necessary, but in most cases the important thing is to stimulate the area and work through the range of motion with exercise.

In addition to standard treatment, George is certified in dry needling. Dry needling uses the same needles that acupuncturists use, but focuses on the part of the body that is ailing the patient (as opposed to poking them into different areas that affect the body energy centers). The goal with dry needling is to take an area that hasn’t healed properly, and restart the inflammation process and cause the body to bring the necessary compounds to the area.

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