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Ep. 029 - Lou Stagner (Golf Stat Pro)

Lou Stagner used his background in data analytics and applied it to golf to become a strategy coach for PGA Tour players as well as high level amateurs. Lou is also the Data Insights Lead at Arccos golf and the assistant coach at Princeton. Through the release of his research on golf statistics, Lou has become very popular on social media and is most well-known for expectations management. Lou is also a co-host of the Hack it Out Golf podcast (Spotify Link Here) which focuses on helping amateur golfers play better golf.

One of Lou’s students, Austin Greaser, gave Lou a profound piece of insight while they were on the range at a tournament. Austin told Lou that his target on the range was NEVER any flag. Instead he would aim at other items like a leaf or bump in the ground. Austin pointed out that he is almost never aiming at the pin on the golf course, so he wanted to make sure he did not create a habit on the range of aiming at the pin.

Lou is well known for helping people with expectation management. We talked specifically about a variety of shots that a golfer could face in a round, and what a scratch golfer should expect in those situations. Even 50 yards from the pin in the fairway (after a drive), scratch golfers aren’t getting up and down for birdie often.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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