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Ep. 031 - Rodrigue Vie

Rodrigue Vie is originally from Remiremenont, France and moved to the USA at age 19 to play college golf at Bowling Green State University. During the 2019-2020 season, Rod averaged 71.72 over 21 rounds and was consistently the best player on the team. Rod also medaled at the Tom Tontimonia Invitational, becoming the first player to win a tournament individually at BGSU since 2014. Unfortunately, Rod’s golf career was cut short by a series of back injuries. Currently, Rod lives back home in France and hosts The College Golf Podcast (

One of the changes that Rod realized he needed to make after moving to the US was regarding his equipment. He had been playing blades with very heavy shafts because that’s what “good” players played. In college, he realized he needed whatever would make him better and got fitted for non-blades with lighter shafts.

During his first few years, Rod averaged about 74. In his Junior year, his scoring average dropped to 71. He attributed a lot of this to course management, and specifically what he learned as a caddy. During the summers, he would caddy at a golf club and he realized that his players weren’t always going to show up with their A+ game, so he needed to pick targets that allowed them to miss and be okay.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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