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Ep. 036 - Patrick Grimes

Growing up in California, Patrick Grimes always wanted to play for Stanford. By the end of his senior year of high school, Patrick earned his way onto the team. During his time at Stanford, Patrick was a mainstay in the top five and was the team captain his senior year. After college, Patrick played pro for a bit and Monday qualified for the Valero Texas Open. Currently, Patrick is teaching golf and looking to use his Psychology degree and become a licensed therapist.

When Patrick got to Stanford, he knew it would be difficult to balance golf and school in such an academically rigorous environment. He found that the secret to improving at golf and maintaining his studies was being highly organized. This was also something his teammate, Maverick McNealy did extremely well.

As noted above, Patrick has a background in psychology, and plans to use it as a therapist. One of the things that he has noticed in sports psychology surrounding golf is that it sometimes fails to take the whole person into account. Oftentimes, certain moments surrounding a golfer are analyzed (ex. a putt and why they succumbed to pressure there and then hit a slump) and not viewed with other issues that a golfer might have had as a person (such as things that would cause them to be in an emotional slump). Patrick believes addressing a lot of the personal issues can help remediate some of the performance issues.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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