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Ep. 039 - Sasho MacKenzie

Sasho MacKenzie is a professor of Sports Biomechanics at St. Francis University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. In addition to this work, Sasho also consults with PING and FootJoy on Biomechanics and Software Development. Many of the world's top instructors refer to Sasho’s work to better their understanding of the mechanical principles of the golf swing. Sasho is also a Co-Founder of The Stack System, a revolutionary tool developed for golfers to gain swing speed.

We asked Sasho why The Stack was not designed like a clubhead. He told us that initially, they tested the concept with actual driver heads and adding weights to them. However, in those preliminary studies, golfers did not show much improvement in speed. Speed training with driver is important, but it should be paired with a tool like The Stack. The Stack System helps get your top-end speed, and driver speed training helps you achieve that speed with driver.

In addition to speed training, Sasho has also conducted studies on many other parts of the game, including putting. One of the interesting things that he has found is that many amateurs would benefit from “heads up” putting, meaning looking at the hole while putting (like Jordan Spieth). For many, this helps them control their speed better, which is the most important component of putting.

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