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Ep. 043 - Coach Gator Todd

Gator Todd is the associate head coach of the #1 ranked Vanderbilt Men’s Golf team. Gator grew up in Florence, Alabama and went on to be an All-SEC player at the University of Alabama. After college, Gator played professionally for five years on the Nationwide Tour and various mini-tours. Before coaching at Vanderbilt, Gator helped lead Marquette to a Big East Championship and was part of the Coaching Staff of the Year.

When Gator got to college, he was playing solid but towards the end of college he struggled. He went from practicing and focusing on a variety of different areas to only working on golf swing. After a while, he stopped playing golf essentially and would get on the course and play golf swing, which makes it near impossible to play well.

One of the important things at Vanderbilt is continuing to strive for excellence. On this years team, Gator has knows that there is a lot of solid leadership and they don’t have to worry about the standards of the program being upheld. One of the benefits of the program is having former players playing at high levels; recently, they had a team Zoom call with Will Gordon to talk with him and get advice, which shows the importance of having people at higher levels to learn from.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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