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Ep. 046 - Josh Teater

Josh Teater was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky and played golf at Morehead State. For seven years after graduating, Josh grinded through mini tours and Q-School every year before eventually breaking through and earning status on the Korn Ferry Tour. In that first year on the Korn Ferry Tour, Josh won the Utah Championship and earned his PGA Tour card. Currently, Josh plays on the Korn Ferry Tour.

As mentioned earlier, Josh spent 7 years on mini-tours before getting any status. It can be hard to play so long without any results. Josh said the framework he used to determine whether he kept going was whether he felt he had played his best. Every year, he determined that he still had room for improvement.

Josh played a Morehead State, which is a small D1 school. Some people look at schools like that and think it is hard to be successful. Josh said his mindset was that as long as he was competing and getting better, then he didn’t care where he was. The PGA Tour does not care where you graduated from, just that you can play.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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