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Ep. 047 - Jon Tattersall

Jon Tattersall is originally from England but moved to Pinehurst, North Carolina to begin his golf coaching career. Throughout the course of his career, Jon has worked with a broad spectrum of players ranging from club players to major champions. In 2007, Jon co-founded Fusion ATL, a sports performance facility designed to capture performance data and develop training protocols for the ardent golfer.

One of the things that golf instructors used to teach was that people would get more speed by getting the swing “on plane”. Now, we know that isn’t the case. Jon has assembled a team at Fusion ATL that allows the student to have their instructor and trainer in the same place and working together, so that they get the student “more horsepower” to hit the ball farther and remedy other biomechanical issues in their swing that emanate from their physical limitations.

Many old-school people say that launch monitors or other types of devices will make coaches too technical, but as a coach, Jon has found them invaluable. When working with players who are trying to make money, you don’t want to tell them the wrong things. Having a launch monitor helps Jon know exactly what is happening at impact and gives him the tools to improve their swing.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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