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Ep. 049 - Jamie Arnold

Jamie Arnold grew up in New South Wales, Australia and learned the game at a young age from his father who was a golf professional. During his teen years, Jamie traveled to the United States as a member of the Australia National Team and competed in many of the top Amateur tournaments. Over the course of his professional career, Jamie has competed on multiple tours including the Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour China, and the Australasia Tour. Currently, Jamie lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of things that Jamie noticed on the KFT was that a lot of players would switch out equipment during the middle of the week. As part of that, a lot of them would take equipment deals and play clubs that were suboptimal for them. Jamie’s mindset was to play the best clubs for him, because the money from the equipment deals weren’t as life changing as a good result in the tournament.

Jamie played a lot of golf in Australia and Asia before making it on the KFT. One of the things that he learned was that it is important to stick with your schedule. For golfers, it is easy to play bad in an event and then want to play the next one. But if you never rest, then you can never recover and focus on some of the things that are holding you back.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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