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Ep. 050 - Corey Maggard

Currently, Corey Maggard is a Next Gen Club Fitting Analyst at Titleist, but he has held many positions in the golf world throughout his career. Corey played college golf at Transylvania in Lexington, Kentucky where he became an assistant coach right out of college. Shortly after this, Corey took the head coaching position at Guilford College and worked there for four years before being offered a position at Auburn University. He was at Auburn for seven years and became associate head coach there before taking his current position at Titleist.

An important point that Corey made was that you have to fit your clubs for playing conditions, not the driving range. It can be easy to jack up your lofts so that you carry it farther and hit your 7 iron really far. Once the ball gets in the first cut and loses a bit of spin, you won’t be able to stop it on the green, which makes the 7 iron not functional.

One of the things that Corey wished he had done when he was in college was focus on sacrificing the present for the future. It is easy to want to go to parties or hang with friends, but if you want to be great, you need to be willing to do what is best for you in the future and not give in to every short-term impulse.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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