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Ep. 051 - Brock DuPree

Brock DuPree is currently a caddy on the Korn Ferry Tour for Jacob Solomon (Top 50 on the points list as of this episode). Previously, Brock caddied at Kiawah Island before realizing he wanted to reignite his competitive spirit and become a tour caddy.

Brock has caddied for several players on the KFT, and noticed a stark difference in the weekly events compared to Q-School. In a weekly event, you want to make the cut and finish well, but if you don’t you know that you usually have the next week. In Q-School, you know it could be another 12 months until you get a chance, which makes it important to focus as a caddy.

Brock is currently caddying for Jacob Solomon and they have a practice round style that we had not seen often. Many players in a practice round drop their ball in the fairway if they hit a bad shot. Jacob and Brock play it from where it lies. Their methodology is that in a real round, you have to play it wherever you hit it. Shots from the fairway are pretty standard, while shots from the rough and trees are unique and are worth playing from.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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