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Ep. 052 - Josh Nichols

Josh Nichols was introduced to golf at a young age and Josh eventually secured a spot at Appalachian State. After college, he stayed amateur but eventually wanted to become professional. Despite missing cuts and almost making it to the U.S. Open, Josh remained focused on the process and continued to work hard. He made it to the finals of the U.S. Mid-Am and finished runner-up. After some time, he decided to focus on helping other golfers with Foundations Mental Performance.

Josh emphasizes the importance of being intentional and mindful in one's actions and inner experience while playing golf or going about life in general. In particular, he suggests that players should set a predetermined amount of time for their practice and stop when they reach that time, ensuring that they do not burn themselves out.

Josh encourages golfers to journal their experiences on the course, to better understand their mental state and emotions during different shots. Besides journaling, Josh also mentions the importance of doing nothing for 10 minutes after a round of golf, to allow the brain to encode the experience into the memory.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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