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Ep. 054 - Michael Vrska

Michael Vrska is the Director of Custom Fitting and Player Performance at Callaway. Michael played college baseball and used his degree to get a job at Wilson Golf. From there, he developed his skills and then worked at Adams Golf for 9 years, before returning back to Wilson. He has been with Callaway for the past 4 years.

Analyzing your best and worst shots can be the key to improving your game. According to Michael, it is important to not only look at your best shots but also your worst shots. By doing this, you can identify areas where you need to improve and tweak equipment to improve your worst shots. Additionally, Michael emphasizes the importance of not hitting too many shots with any one club. After a few swings, you may start fitting your swing to the golf club rather than the other way around. This can lead to inconsistencies in your swing and ultimately affect your overall performance.

Upgrading clubs every year can lead to improved performance, however, it may be too expensive to do so. No matter what, it is important to work with a fitter to find the best clubs for your game and to make the decision to upgrade based on your own personal preferences and budget Michael also emphasizes the importance of trusting your fitter and doing research before making any decisions. It is not enough to simply go to the closest fitter or the one with the most convenient location. Instead, taking the time to do research and find a fitter with a good reputation can make all the difference in the quality of the fitting process and the clubs that you end up with.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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