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Ep. 055 - Damon Burrow

Coming from a background in baseball and basketball, Damon Burrow didn’t start playing golf seriously until college. Damon is currently at Duke in a Ph.D. program and has used his engineering background to co-found Golf EQ A.I., which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze golf swings and create personalized profiles to improve the golf club fitting process.

While Golf EQ’s technology is complementary to in-person club fitting services, it addresses two critical problems that exist in the traditional club fitting experience: time and inventory. Studies have shown that golfers have a limited number of “good swings” in a day, typically ranging from 50 to 100 swings. In a club fitting setting, where golfers are expected to hit numerous shots with different clubs, this limitation can be reached quickly, leading to fatigue and potentially inaccurate results.

Additionally, the inventory of clubs available for testing in a club fitting setting is limited to what the club fitter has in stock. Even with a wide range of options, there are still constraints in terms of time and availability. Golf EQ aims to address these limitations by providing club fitters with a shortlist of clubs to try based on the golfer’s measurements and preferences. This allows for a more efficient and focused club fitting experience, maximizing the golfer’s time and ensuring that they are testing the most relevant clubs for their game.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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