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Ep. 065 - Jonathan Avalos

Jonathan Avalos is the founder of Athletic Golf Fitness, where he helps train golfers to be the best versions of themselves. Jonathan was originally a football player, but once he got his degree in exercise science he started working with a few golfers. Jonathan was so interested in golf and how training can improve on the course results, he started Athletic Golf Fitness. Now he works with top players at all levels of the game.

Strength and speed are two essential components of athletic performance. While strength provides the foundation for power and stability, speed allows athletes to execute movements quickly and efficiently. Finding the right balance between these two factors is crucial for athletes, as it can greatly impact their performance and overall success in their respective sports. Generally speaking, Jonathan suggests achieving a one-to-one ratio of body weight for certain lifts before adding speed exercises. This approach allows athletes to gradually increase their strength while also incorporating speed training. By regularly assessing and setting new standards for strength and speed, athletes can continually improve their performance and avoid plateaus.

Jonathan emphasizes the need for individual assessment to determine specific needs and goals. This assessment helps identify any major deficiencies and allows for a tailored approach to training. He suggests that athletes should aim for at least two strength days and two active recovery days per week, with the possibility of adding a third strength day if feasible. This distribution allows for adequate rest and recovery while still prioritizing strength and speed development. The workout regimen typically consists of full-body workouts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with active recovery days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Jonathan explains that the active recovery days serve to prime the body for optimal performance on the strength days. This undulating approach helps athletes become stronger and faster, ultimately improving their overall athleticism.

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