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Ep. 066 - Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is a sports psychologist who works with some of the top names in golf and some of the biggest athletic programs in the country. As a licensed clinical and sports psychologist and founder of The MindSide, Dr. McCabe’s performance consulting organization in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. McCabe holds a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from Louisiana State University and completed his 12-month psychology internship at the Clinical Psychology Training Consortium associated with the Warren Alpert Brown Medical School in Providence, RI.

Bhrett points out that golfers often try to regain control when they feel they have lost it in competition. This often leads to a focus on technique and mechanics, as players try to find a sense of security. However, the he suggests that it is more beneficial to train tools rather than technique. Tools refer to specific shots or strategies that a golfer knows they can rely on in different situations.

Bhrett says that players should not be focused on the 29% of their game that may be missing, but rather on the 71% that they have. The question posed is whether golfers are using their strengths to beat their opponents or constantly seeking perfection. He suggests that measuring against one's best days can hinder performance, as it sets unrealistic expectations. Instead, golfers should focus on consistently using their strengths to compete and improve.

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