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Ep. 071 - Ben Shear

Ben Shear is one of the top golf performance coaches, having worked with numerous PGA Tour players, including former World #1, Luke Donald, and US Open Champion, Webb Simpson. He also has worked with players from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS and the Olympics and is a fitness advisor to Golf Digest.

Ben explains that many people achieve good results because they have the right ingredients, but they may not have the optimal recipe. In other words, they may have the necessary elements for success, but they may not have fine-tuned those elements to achieve the best possible outcome. Ben focuses on making sure clients have the right recipes so they can perform at the highest of levels.

Many people's mobility problems actually stem from a lack of stability. Ben explains that when the body senses instability, it tightens up and becomes stiff in order to protect itself. This can limit range of motion and hinder movement. To illustrate this point, Ben gives the example of running on a street and suddenly encountering a pond with ice. In this situation, the body naturally tightens and stiffens to protect against the instability of the ice. Similarly, our bodies tighten up in response to instability in other areas, leading to decreased mobility.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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