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Ep. 072 - Alex Goff

Alex Goff is a graduate student at the University of Kentucky. Alex redshirted his freshman year but found footing his next year and started all of the events for the team. Alex’s accomplishments include winning the Kentucky Am, the Blessings Collegiate Invitational, and a runner-up finish in the Southeastern Am.

One of the key lessons that Alex learned throughout his college golf experience is the importance of focused practice. He initially believed that in order to have a productive day of practice, he needed to spend long hours on the golf course. However, as he got older and gained more experience, he realized that shorter, more focused practice sessions were actually more beneficial. Alex discovered that practicing for eight or six hours a day without a clear plan or purpose was simply a waste of time. Instead, he learned that having a structured practice routine, with specific goals and objectives, was much more effective in improving his game. He found that a two to three-hour practice session, where he had a plan and knew what he wanted to work on, yielded better results than spending six hours mindlessly going through the motions.

Furthermore, Alex emphasized the importance of simulating pressure during practice. He recognized that it was not enough to only feel nerves when teeing it up for a tournament. In order to perform well under pressure, he needed to find ways to simulate that pressure during practice. This could be achieved through competitive team practices, where he would compete against his teammates in chipping, putting, and wedge play. Additionally, he would incorporate putting drills that required him to make a certain number of putts in a row, adding pressure to each shot.

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