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Ep. 073 - Phil Shomo

Phil Shomo is a golf mental skills coach with 35+ years of coaching experience. Phil works with golfers and helps them develop processes and mindsets to play at their highest level. Phil works with players from every level and is committed to helping golfers realize their potential.

One of the key fundamentals that Phil focuses on is "focus control". He defines focus as mental energy investment or fuel, and breaks it down into three different circles. These circles represent the things that golfers can expend mental energy on during a tournament, ranging from things they have no control over to things they can learn to control. By understanding and managing their focus, players can improve their performance and increase their influence on the game.

Phil also emphasizes the importance of a strong mental pre-shot routine. He explains that while some players may already have a physical pre-shot routine, they may not know how to mentally manage and guide their thoughts, attention, and concentration. Through live driving range sessions and personalized coaching, Phil helps players develop and refine their pre-shot routines, enabling them to approach each shot with focus and confidence.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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