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Ep. 074 - Andrew Novak

Andrew Novak is currently on the PGA Tour. He got into the game of golf late and by the time he had developed into a top junior, there weren’t many spots left on top teams. He committed to Wofford, where he excelled, and turned pro after graduating. He started on PGA Tour Canada, made it to the KFT, and then secured status on the PGA Tour.

Andrew's improvement began when he got a coach who taught him the proper techniques and fundamentals of golf. With guidance and practice, he quickly started to shave off strokes from his game. By the time eighth grade came around, he had improved significantly and shot a 44 in tryouts. Although he initially got cut from the team twice, he believes that those experiences were the best thing for him. Getting cut from the team motivated Andrew to work even harder and improve his skills. He eventually transferred to a different high school and continued to progress in his golf game. Despite starting late and facing stiff competition from other talented junior players in South Carolina, Andrew managed to catch up and even surpass some of them in skill level.

The transition from college golf to professional golf was not an easy one for Novak. He mentioned that the skill level and competition significantly increased. In college, he could play average golf and still finish well in tournaments due to the lack of depth in competition. However, in professional tournaments, everyone knew how to get the ball in the hole, and Novak had to adjust to the higher skill level.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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