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Ep. 075 - Dr. Greg Rose

Dr. Greg Rose is a co-founder of TPI. Dr. Rose has helped pioneer the field of analyzing 3-dimensional motion capture models of the golf swing by combining an engineering background with an expertise on the human body. He is one of golf’s top strength and conditioning professionals and works with the world’s top players.

To understand how the best in the world are executing their swings, force plates are used by TPI. Force plates measure the forces being exerted by the golfer's body during the swing. This information helps coaches and trainers see what the golfer is experiencing and provide feedback accordingly. Additionally, TPI uses force plates to measures golfers while they are doing certain exercises so that they can determine the effectiveness of them.

One key concept discussed in this episode is the importance of specific forces in the golf swing. The guest speaker explains that there are two types of forces involved in the golf swing: linear force and angular force. Linear force refers to the movement from right to left, while angular force involves spinning and rotating. Greg emphasizes the significance of understanding the role of each leg in generating these forces. For right-handed players, the lead leg (left leg) is responsible for converting linear speed into angular velocity. This leg acts as a "gas pedal" that pushes against the ground, creating the necessary torque for the club to rotate around the body.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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