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Ep. 076 - Jimmy Stanger

Jimmy Stanger is a golfer on the PGA Tour. He started golf at a young age and eventually committed to play for Virginia, where he was an All-American and won the ACC Championship. After graduating from Virginia, Jimmy eventually earned status on the Korn Ferry Tour, and finally gained status on the PGA Tour this year.

When going through Q School one year, Jimmy had a bad round and it looked like he was out of it. The next day he shot 62 and made it through. Jimmy admits that he did not have a sudden epiphany or discover a major flaw in his game. Instead, he simply stayed in the moment and appreciated each shot. He didn't worry about the outcome or the possibility of not keeping his card. Instead, he focused on enjoying the game and giving his best effort. This shift in mindset allowed him to perform at a high level and ultimately secure a good status for the following year.

Jimmy begins by emphasizing the significance of sleep patterns in his routine. He acknowledges that getting enough rest and maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is crucial for his overall well-being and performance. By prioritizing his sleep, Jimmy ensures that he is well-rested and able to approach each day with energy and focus. Practice is another area that Jimmy emphasizes as essential for success. He believes in maximizing the time he spends practicing and focusing on specific aspects of his game. He understands that deliberate practice is key to improving his skills and achieving his goals.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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