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Ep. 077 - Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker is a PGA Tour caddie currently working the bag for Kurt Kitayama. Tim was the longtime caddy for Bryson DeChambeau and has also caddied for several other pros, including Lexi Thompson. In addition to caddying, Tim also created the True Aim Marker:

Tim explains that Bryson's approach to putting is about controlling the variables that are essential for success. If he can control starting the ball in line, speed control, and reading the green properly, there is not much else to practice. He spends about an hour and a half to two hours maximum on the practice putting green in a seven-day stretch at a tournament. Most of that time is dedicated to maintaining his skills and working on speed control.

As noted above, Tim invented the True Aim marker. The True Aim marker works by using a process of elimination. The golfer is asked a series of questions about the putt, such as whether it breaks left or right, and how severe the break is. By answering these questions, the golfer can narrow down the angle of the break and align their putt accordingly. The effectiveness of the True Aim marker has been tested with various golfers, including professionals like Adam Svensson and Bryson DeChambeau. These players have found the tool to be helpful in improving their green reading and making more accurate putts. Bryson DeChambeau, in particular, has become an ambassador for the True Aim marker and is actively promoting its use.

For more information, listen to the episode here

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